Volume Control

When Less Isn’t More

“Less service for more money seems to sum up what Cox is offering its newly acquired, or reacquired, customers.”

Ed Foster, Infoworld, after a reader complained about service problems when he became a Cox customer, after a system acquisitionhttp://weblog.infoworld.com/gripeline/

What a Concept

“Do you get the idea that customer service is an unknown concept to these guys? At a time when the big telecom boys such as AT&T and Verizon are getting involved in the cable TV game and satellite dishes are becoming more popular, you would think that companies like Charter would be on their best behavior.”

Robert Rector, San Gabriel Valley (Calif.) Tribune

Putting Names to the Faceless

“After sending an e-mail to Comcast’s CEO, Brian L. Roberts, which I addressed to every relevant e-mail address I could find on their corporate Web site … I finally got professional support, from real people with names, who gave me their extensions, but most importantly, who were able to solve my problems. They finally correctly transferred my service, credited my account (as compensation for being double billed for two months), and gave me a reduced rate for a year.”

Justin Watt, Justinsomniahttp://justinsomnia.org/

Unacceptable Losses

“I lost every single episode of Battlestar Galactica! Every Rescue Me! Every goddamn Daily Show, every Gray’s Anatomy, every random movie I thought 'Hey, I’d like to watch that sometime.’ … And when those programs were lost, Comcast, you lost me. I will never, ever use your box again. TiVo HD, here I come. And not a minute too soon.”

John Battelle, Searchbloghttp://battellemedia.com

Puck Doesn’t Stop Here

“I waited for the last minute to upgrade my Verizon FiOS cable to a new sports package, hoping to add OLN for opening night. And I come to find out that Verizon FiOS — taking over swaths of townhouses and high-priced homes all over Loudoun County — does NOT offer OLN/Versus or whatever they’re calling it these days. They offer 14 HBOs, a dozen HD channels, and 50,000 Spanish-language stations, but not the Outdoor Life Network. (They do, of course, have five ESPN networks.)

Greg Wyshynski, Off Wing Opinionhttp://www.ericmcerlain.com/offwingopinion/