Volume Control

Out of Order

“To flash cut to a new regulatory regime without a sensible transition period only begs for an appeal that could result in a court throwing out all of our order, the good with the bad.”

Robert McDowell, FCC commissioner, who voted for the exclusivity ban, but warned of its implications

To the Renter Beware

“Renters, by virtue of choosing to live in an apartment, choose to give up their right to make certain choices about their dwelling, such as the color of paint on the outside, landscaping, and even the type of pet they can have. But is this anti-competitive? Should renters have a right to demand choices in all aspects of their building? No, for the simple reason that it isn’t their building.”

Michelle Minton, OpenMarket.orghttp://www.openmarket.org

Take It to the Limit

“It is stunning that the FCC would assert the right to wave a magic wand and obliterate thousands of perfectly legitimate contracts all over the country. As a believer in limited government, it frightens me to see a federal regulatory authority assert such a right. This is precisely the kind of regulatory behavior that has made conservatives strident critics of regulators, and has made deregulation a policy priority for anyone who believes in limited government.”

Tom Giovanetti, IPI PolicyByteshttp://www.policybytes.org/

Gotham Price Wars?

“This is good news for New Yorkers whose landlords have exclusive agreements with cable providers like Time Warner Cable, Cablevision and RCN. More competition should eventually mean lower prices.”

Dan Frommer, Alley Insiderhttp://www.alleyinsider.com

Free-Market Regulation

“No day in Washington would be complete without some bureaucrat trying to dress up government intrusion in the marketplace as some sort of market-oriented, pro-competition measure.”

Peter Suderman, Freedom Workshttp://www.freedomworks.org

Your Judicial Window Is …

“Individual cable providers long enjoyed exclusive contracts to provide service to entire communities and apartment buildings. … The ensuing monopolistic mindset is best reflected by their rigid pricing approach and broadly bundled channels, uniformly bad customer service, and appalling practice of expecting their customers to put up with a three- or four-hour time estimate of when a technician will be on-site. … The cable industry has signaled it will challenge the FCC’s rule in court. No doubt the hearings will be scheduled to start sometime between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.”

Eric Starkman, Starkman & Associateshttp://www.starkmanassociates.com