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Silly Words Shouldn’t Last

“Now you may doubt whether or not he meant any of his apologies but you can’t punish someone forever for doing or saying something stupid.”

George Cook, Let’s Talk Honestly talkinghonestly.blogspot.com

Spinoff Potential For Dog’s Brood

“I think the Chapman family should have its own reality show, a la The Osbournes. Perhaps he could hunt down escaped convicts during the day and return to his family at night where hijinks would ensue. It’s a cross between the Brady family and the Manson family. There’s my pitch. Think the networks would go for it?”

Brad Trechak, TVSquad.com www.tvsquad.com

Checking Dog’s Reality

“It took Dog a lifetime to become the racist that he is, and I’m pretty sure that spending a few months 'reaching out to several African-American organizations’ is not going to make him less of a racist. But what do I know. I’m not the star of a hit reality show.”

Abdul Kargbo, T’ings 'n Times hmightyminnow.wordpress.com/

Affirmative Action at A&E?

“As for Dog the Bounty Hunter, I hope he pays a high price for his mistake. He has the right to say what he wants at home, but he doesn’t need a show to say it. Besides that, I am not sure if his network has any black hosts anyway, perhaps it’s time they find one.”

Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black Brothers brothers.yourblackworld.com

No Divine


“That was the fastest racism cure ever! Dog got over his virulent racism without rehab — and even without finding Jesus. I guess the Lord is the one badass outlaw that Dog the Bounty Hunter can’t track down!”

Melissa McEwan, Shakesville shakespearessister.blogspot.com