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No Honor Among E-Mail Parties

“Program contracts seemingly are like TV advertising contracts — nothing ever seems to get signed. It is incredible more programming problems of the one involving The Weinstein Co.’s Project Runway and NBC’s Universal’s Bravo don’t happen more often. It seems only e-mail exchanges — sometimes honorably — bind parties together.”

Wayne Friedman, Media Post’s TV Watch http://blogs.mediapost.com

Slightly Perplexed, Mildly Offended

“I mean, Bravo was nothing until Project Runway came on. It was the network that had snoozy art movies and Inside the Actors Studio — which is still only tolerable in small doses (if it’s still on, which I’m not completely convinced of).

But now you’ve gone and moved it to Lifetime — a move that I find both perplexing and mildly offensive. Very mildly.”

Dan Miller, TiFaux.com http://www.tifaux.com

Your Mama Don’t Watch Bravo

“In all seriousness, I’m not sure that this bizarre jump is the best move for Runway. The quality of Lifetime shows has always been a little iffy to me, and the tone of the network doesn’t seem to fit. Whereas Bravo feels like it fits Runway’s younger, arty audience, Lifetime feels a little ... menopausal. That’s mean, right? Okay, just pretend I said 'too Reba-tastic.’ ”

Annie Wu, TV Squad http://www.tvsquad.com

But Can They Make It Work?

“Tim Gunn added, 'Lifetime and I will definitely 'make it work’ together. I am very excited to be part of the Lifetime family.’ We imagine him upon hearing the news though, scrunching up his face and saying 'Hmm. This scares me.’ ”

Roger Catlin, TV Eye, The Hartford Couranthttp://blogs.courant.com