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All That, and No Money, Too

“First there’s the bad user experience (arguably save the iPhone), the lack of demand from the public, the pricing issues. All of that is compounded by the fact that nobody has figured out video monetization on the desktop — let alone in mobile, a more 'personal’ medium where spam and 'irrelevant’ ads are less tolerated.”

Greg Sterling, Local Mobile Search http://localmobilesearch.net/

The Anchorman Won’t Dial In

“But here’s the problem: Even optimistic projections put the entire mobile advertising market at $6.5 billion in 2012, and carriers will take the lion’s share of that. Mobile TV isn’t taking off, even with powerful players like Nokia, Verizon and Qualcomm pushing it. More important, if mobile video does take off, it’s unlikely to be in the form of local broadcasts: Just because you can get your local newscast on your phone doesn’t mean you will.”

Michael Learmnoth, Silicon Alley Insider http://www.alleyinsider.com

Tear Down the Walled Garden

“In addition to limited 3G access, what’s slowing growth is that brands can’t do media buys across carriers — meaning they have to push one property at a time (e.g., “Watch now on AT&T”). When we have a more open environment (*cough*… Google Android …* cough*) that supports cross-platform development, this will help to push costs down and allow more users to access mobile content.”

Michael Ball, Future of Media http://blog.ipglab.com

The Eye Keeps On the Ball

“Clearly, mobile is more than an opportunity to extend brands. … Otherwise invisible to me for news, the CBS brand was early to market with mobile SMS [short message service] news alerts that pushed me to the [wireless application protocol] site.

And when they got me there, I found the level of seriousness with which the team regards mobile impressive.”

Steve Smith, MediaPost’s Mobile Insider http://blogs.mediapost.com/mobile_insider