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We've Seen This All Before

“Your average teenager swimming down at the local community pool displays more flesh than young Ms. Cyrus does in the photo in question — they just cover up with swatches of cotton and spandex instead of a rumpled bedsheet.”

Jason Warburg, The Open Road

Bread and Circuses At Disney World

“What's happening is this: The politics of distraction meets the careerist strategies of a young female gold mine. When 'greed meets the lead,' it's yet another example of how pandering kills the news. Those who don't work in communications can't possibly imagine how deeply planned events like the Cyrus photo shoot are, and how constructed these seemingly coincidental controversies can be.”

Syl Jones, Minneapolis Star Tribune

It's the Same, But Different

“Folks are up in arms because they think it's too sexy. I hadn't seen it until late last night, and I have to say I find it jarring.

Not because the picture makes her look sexy. I'm used to seeing Miley Cyrus look sexy. Don't know what I mean? Google 'Hannah Montana' and you'll be greeted with thousands of pictures of her in full makeup, sparkly tops, spandex pants and her hips thrust out

We've all seen so much sexy that we're mostly immune to the Baby Hooker look that Cyrus sports on a regular basis.”

Katherine Coble, Just Another Pretty Farce

No Break With Convention

“Even if … Leibovitz's dirty postcard aesthetic depicts Cyrus as post-coital, or even worse a child prostitute and Disney her pimp, isn't this just a depressingly conventional piece of iconography?”

Sarah Philips, The Guardian (U.K.)