Volume Control

He Wants to Be Like Rupe

“Some Wall Street types are pretty sure the crazy Dolans are just trying to mismanage the company to annoy all the shareholders who didn’t let them go private last year. We suspect Jimmy just decided to buy a newspaper because he wishes he could be an awesome media baron like Rupert Murdoch.”

Alex Pereene, Gawker.com http://gawker.com

Throw That Paper Into the Bundle

“If Newsday is like most dailies, subscription revenue is a small part of its overall business; the vast majority of revenue comes from advertising. Cablevision could then cut the price of Newsday for those who buy other Cablevision services in a bundle.

In turn, Cablevision could put Newsday’s local ad sales force to work not just selling the paper but Cablevision’s online properties, as well as the company’s TV properties like MSG and the ailing Madison Square Garden — probably better than anyone the Dolans already have.”

Michael Learmonth, Silicon Valley Insider http://www.alleyinsider.com/

But Will It Still Be Worth 50 Cents?

“You have to feel sorry for Newsday editor John Mancini (whom I used to work for at a now-defunct paper) and the other fine journalists who still have jobs there. That’s because the Dolans’ operations are relentlessly mediocre.”

Ward Harkavy, The Village Voicehttp://blogs.villagevoice.com

At Least It’s Local News

“LI Biz Blog has joked that a Cablevision-run Newsday would publish headlines like 'Knicks try hard, lose 110-56’ … But all kidding aside, what does this mean for Newsday? On one side, there are concerns over one media controlling so much, television news, weekly paper, pennysavers, cable, phone, Internet. On the other side, Cablevision is at least a local company.”

Henry E. Powderly II, LI Biz Blog http://libizblog.wordpress.com