Voices from Everywhere on Mediacom vs. Sinclair

“I wouldn’t mind one more price increase this year if it means we get to keep KDSM Fox 17. We’ve already seen two or three price increases this year.”

T. Longren, Unwakeable

Worse for WEAR

The crappiest channel reception in the Mediacom Cable system is WEAR TV 3. Now Sinclair -- the owner of WEAR -- wants Mediacom and its subscribers to pay 50 cents a month for the privilege of viewing Lost, Desperate Housewives and Gray’s Anatomy.

That’s right. Unlike ESPN or CNN, that requires … a satellite to transmit and a dish or cable system to receive. WEAR wants to be paid for a broadcast feed we can get with a good pair of “rabbit ears.”

Rick Outzen, Rick’s Blog

Extra Effort Required

Being as how Mediacom has demonstrated that they can’t negotiate with their partners, I will be forced to change all of my services in the event I change my cable provider. I’m just finding this all so much of a hassle that I would never want to have to go through it again. That is the whole problem with all of this: All I want to do is pay my damn bill on time and continue to get the service that I am accustomed to getting.

Clayton Wilcox, RedHog Diary

Shaky News Judgment

Sinclair is running spots on their station making people aware of the problem. I’m OK with that. They’re also offering people rebates to screw Mediacom and switch to DirecTV. That’s shaky, but life goes on. (But last night, Sinclair) stepped way over the line. I’ll acknowledge that KDSM is free to do what it will during regular programming, but last night, during a rain delay in the World Series, they ran a news broadcast with the conflict as the top story. That’s bullshit. There’s no excuse for compromising the integrity of your news department for leverage in contract negotiations.

K.L. Snow, Diary of a Political Madman

A Big Outlay

Fifteen years ago, individuals didn’t have cell-phone bills and Internet-access bills. And cable bills were typically under 25 bucks a month. Now, it’s not unheard of for individuals to have monthly cable bills that are in line with car payments of 15 years ago.

Tim Moore, My Social Security Disability SSI Blog

What’s Good for the Goose …

If Mediacom doesn’t think they should have to pay for the locals, then every single house in their service area should be wired and fed the local stations free of charge. I don’t see them offering that up.

T. Ballstadt, Des Moines Register Blogs