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Viewers Choice SetsDouble Take Program

New York -- Viewer's Choice affiliates can now offer
the network's annual 'Double Take' program at any time during the year as
part of a revamping of the value-added PPV program.

Traditionally, the 'Double Take' program, which
allows consumers to get a free PPV movie within 60 days after purchasing a PPV event,has
beenslated for specific months of the year. The 1998 campaign, however, allows
affiliates to implement the 'Double Take' program in any two-month period that
they wish, said Gregg Rothberg, senior director of affiliate marketing for Viewer's

The added flexibility will enable systems to take local
factors into account when planning a

'Double Take' promotion, while still benefiting
from the marketing support and reduced minimums that Viewer's Choice offers
participating systems, Rothberg said. Viewer's Choice will reduce movie minimums to
99 cents on promotional buys for one campaign per year per system, although affiliates can
run as many 'Double Take' promotions during the year as they wish.

Viewer's Choice said past 'Double Take'
programs have improved overall revenue-per- subscriber numbers. The company said its last
'Double Take' campaign in 1996 increased revenue by an average of 30 cents per
addressable subscriber for participating systems.

'The'Double Take' campaign has proven
itself as an excellent way for operators to provide added value, convenience and more
entertainment to their subscribers,' Rothberg said. 'The last four campaigns
have been a resounding success for our affiliates and their bottom lines, and now that
systems have the added flexibility of implementing this program at the time of year that
works best for them locally, we anticipate that their

1998 campaigns will prove even more successful.'

Viewer's Choice will again support the campaign with
marketing materials, including event- and title-specific ad slicks, local press releases
and 'Double Take'

overview video spots. Titles produced and/or distributed by
20th Century Fox, Buena Vista, Columbia/TriStar, MGM/UA, New Line Cinema, Universal and

Bros. may all be included as part of the Double Take offer,
and they will be included in Viewer's Choice-produced print and video materials,
Rothberg said.