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Viewers Choice to Offer

Attempting to increase pay-per-view and cable-advertising
revenue, Viewer's Choice has developed a turnkey ad-sales campaign targeting several
key PPV demos.

The "Instant Targeting" kit allows PPV operators
to work with system ad-sales executives on generating more ad-sales dollars and promoting
upcoming PPV offerings, said Leigh Bolton, vice president of video promotion for
Viewer's Choice. Every month, Viewer's Choice will produce five different video
spots promoting PPV-movie titles that target a specific audience -- older teens,
action-movie lovers, families with children, females and "info-seekers" --
Bolton said.

The 30-second spots end with seven-second customizable
tags, allowing ample room for audio and video customization of the system's local PPV
brand and an advertiser's logo, Bolton said. By sponsoring the spot's tag, a
local advertiser can associate its product with high-profile Hollywood entertainment that
is most desirable to the company's customers, Bolton added.

Each month, Viewer's Choice will provide a list of
networks and individual cable shows on which systems can insert the spots, depending on
the desirable demographic. In the female category, for example, Viewer's Choice
recommends that systems run the female spot on Lifetime Television, Food Network, E!
Entertainment Television and Home & Garden Television, as well as on such shows as
Turner Network Television's Spenser for Hire and FX's Hart to Hart.

"The key thing for operators is that the campaign is
totally turnkey for the system," Bolton said.

"We provide operators with the spot, as well as with
specific channels that will effectively reach the target audience," she added.

Viewer's Choice will also offer print promotions that
will highlight the individual video spots, along with radio spots and a list of specific
radio formats that match the demographic audience of each video spot.

Bolton said the campaign will help PPV managers to better
communicate with ad-sales departments in an effort to promote PPV. "It also provides
another opportunity for an advertiser to come into the PPV category," she said.

In other Viewer's Choice news, the network will extend
its July "nevers" campaign into August for its new, former Request Television

Much like the July campaign, the August promotion will
allow affiliates to offer their non-PPV-users one movie for 99 cents and a second movie
for $1.99, said Greg Rothberg, senior director of affiliate marketing for Viewer's
Choice. Operators participating in the promotion, which is supported by a direct-mail
piece, will receive discounts off the movies' licensing fees, the network said.

Movies offered within the August promotion include Fallen,
Good Will Hunting, Half Baked, Home Alone 3, Spice World, The
and Wag the Dog.

"We're delighted to be able to welcome new
affiliates to the Viewer's Choice family with a proven program like
'nevers,'" Rothberg said.