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VH1 Survey: Lower CD Prices

A total of 72% of respondents to a VH1 survey said they would buy more CDs if
the music industry followed Universal Music Group’s lead and lowered their

The poll was conducted by telephone Sept. 17-22 among a random national
sample of 1,038 adults 18 and older.

According to the results, 89% of music buyers think CDs are not priced
fairly. Only 8% said a CD priced in the $14-$17 range was a fair price. Nearly
one-half (46%) said $10-$13 was fair, while 43% said $6-$9 was in the fair

Of those surveyed overall, 20% have ever downloaded music, while 11% have
downloaded music in the past six months.

Unfortunately for UMG, word isn't exactly out about its new pricing strategy.
Only 26% of those polled said they knew of UMG's price breaks coming Oct.