Verizon Keeps Pay TV Customer Loyalty Crown: Satmetrix

AT&T and Comcast failed to unseat Verizon Communications as the top U.S. brand in the cable/satellite TV sector, according to Satmetrix’s 2013 Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks report, a study that ranks customer loyalty for more than 200 brands across 22 industry sectors.

Despite “significant gains” by those service providers in the pay TV category, Verizon’s FiOS TV topped Satmetrix’s survey of more than 24,000 U.S. consumers with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 32 percent, a calculation of customer loyalty based on customers who would recommend a product or service, minus those who would not.

Bright House Networks topped the Internet-services sector with an NPS of 29%, getting kudos for the key loyalty driver of “savings from packaged deals,” Satmetrix noted. Among the Internet-service providers ranked in the category, Mediacom Communications was the lowest-ranked, with an NPS score of -27%.

And they could all do better. The broader telecommunications category they’re all part of received an NPS score of just 16%, the lowest average among the industry groups studied.

Netflix’s NPS of 50% gave the streaming giant a commanding lead over Google Play, Amazon Prime/Amazon Instant Video, Apple iTunes and Microsoft Xbox Music/ Xbox Video in the online-services category. Blockbuster On Demand, now part of Dish Network, earned the lowest sector NPS, with a score of 2%.

In the Technology category, Apple was tops in tablets (iPad, 65%), smartphones (iPhone, 70%) and laptops (76%).