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Verimatrix Unlocks IPTV-Security System

Content-security provider Verimatrix introduced a new system that can protect content flowing on hybrid broadcast and Internet-TV systems.

VCAS for DVB allows TV-service providers to combine standards-based digital-video-broadcast technology with interactive IPTV systems using a single security system. Its software-based scheme is more secure than standard smart-card-security systems, and it allows deployment of less-expensive set-top boxes, according to the company.

It can support premium video-on-demand services, and its QuantumID clone-detection technology can help to combat TV-service theft.

"The interactive capabilities of IPTV are a very compelling addition to the traditional broadcast model, enabling higher-value services and extensive customization consistent with where the TV industry is headed," Verimatrix chief technology officer Bob Kulakowski said. "Our VCAS software-based content-security technology is based on open and proven Internet-security principles and designed to help eliminate the vulnerabilities -- and high cost of hardware -- related to current-generation smart-card-based architectures."