Vendors Gear Up for Cable-Tec Expo

With the annual Society of Cable & Telecommunications Engineers Cable-Tec
Expo a week away, cable vendors are releasing details on new products they'll be
exhibiting June 4 through 7 in San Antonio.

Scientific-Atlanta Inc. will unveil its new 'Continuum DVP'
digital-video-processing products for digital and on-demand services. The
product suite includes a 'DVP Dense QAM Array' (quadrature amplitude modulation)
and DVP encoder that optimizes bandwidth and rack space.

In an attempt to expand its reach, S-A said the new QAM array is designed for
non-S-A systems that want to roll out video-on-demand. The array -- built by S-A
subsidiary BarcoNet -- can provide up to 16 QAM channels and a maximum data
output of 620 megabits.

The new MPEG-2 (Moving Picture Expert Group) encoder allows operators to
convert analog signals to digital.

Aurora Networks is introducing its '4000-series' optical nodes, designed for
operators to build down to 200-home nodes and reduce the number of cascades and
amplifiers in their plant.

The nodes are built for high-speed Internet, VOD,
voice-over-Internet-protocol and interactive-TV services. The 4000 series also
includes Ethernet capabilities.

Advent Networks Inc. and General Bandwidth Inc. announced the
interoperability of Advent's 'Ultraband' system with GB's 'G6'
packet-telephony-migration platform.

Ultraband allows operators to provide dedicated, switched IP connections to
subscribers over existing hybrid fiber-coaxial networks.