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Vanguard Awards Cable Operations Management, Kevin Hyman

Kevin Hyman, Bright House Networks’s executive vice president of operations, oversees all operations including customer service, field operations, marketing, sales, finance, communications and government relations. He is also responsible for the award-winning, 24-hour News 13 in Orlando, Bay News 9 and Bright House Network Sports.

For his work at Bright House, the NCTA is honoring Hyman with the Vanguard Award for Cable Operations Management, which recognizes the efforts of cable-system managers, who work under intensely competitive conditions in today’s dynamic telecom environment and are critical to cable’s success at the local level.

Hyman, a 30-year TV veteran, is known for his focus on customer service excellence, as well as employee culture and community investment to create strong customer value. During his tenure, Bright House has been recognized by highly regarded consumer brands such as Consumer Reports and J.D. Power & Associates, among others. The company has earned twelve top J.D. Power awards in 12 years.

Hyman’s formal training in economics provided a solid strategic foundation, but he attributes much of his success to focus on execution and results combined with readiness to jump on new opportunities. Throughout his career, he has led operational transformations that position companies for long-term growth and profitability.

Hyman earned his graduate degree in economics from the University of Rhode Island and his undergraduate degree from the University of Northern Colorado. He was an assistant professor in a small liberal arts college in Southern Maine. He taught managerial economics and statistics at the MBA program of Golden Gate University, and also taught courses at St. Francis College and the University of New Hampshire. He continues to serve as a guest lecturer for MBA students on the topic of leadership.

After leaving teaching, Hyman returned to Colorado as vice president and special partner of a major regional investment banking firm headquartered in Denver. He was recruited to start up a new competitive cable television company in Colorado Springs. In 1985, Hyman and four others started one of the nation’s first cable companies to compete head-to-head with existing cable television operations. In 1989, the group sold the operation to Time Warner Cable and Hyman continued with TWC.

In 2004, Hyman became president of Bright House Networks’s Tampa Bay division, where he led efforts to introduce landline phone service, which now serves more than 1 million customers. In 2008, he was promoted to oversee all BHN operations. “This honor truly represents the great work done by the entire management team at Bright House Networks,” he said.

Active in his professional and local communities, Hyman was chairman of the board of the Florida Cable Television Association and is a current board member. He is married with three children and two grandchildren.

Fun Fact:

Hyman believes sustained economic prosperity depends on a vibrant business climate. He sits on the Board of Enterprise Florida, a public-private partnership between Florida’s business and government leaders and the principal economic development organization for the state of Florida.