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Univision Adds Passion, Power to Primetime

Family feuds and amorous rivals are in store for Univision viewers at 9 p.m, thanks to its latest straight-from-Televisa lineup addition.

Pasión y Poder, which debuted Oct. 5 in Mexico on Canal de las Estrellas, joined the Univision lineup on Nov. 3. The series features veteran telenovela actor Fernando Colunga as protagonist “Eladio Gomez Luna,” a villain competing against Jorge Salinas’s “Arturo Montenegro” for the love of Susana Gonzalez’s “Julia Vallado de Gomez Luna.”

The rivalry for Julia originated in each man’s youth, when Eladio and Arturo each fell in love with the beautiful woman. Julia and Arturo were set to wed, but she learned that her fiancé had cheated on her and impregnated another woman during a boozy night out. Heartbroken, Julia married Eladio out of spite.

Flash-forward to today, and Julia is unhappy and suffering at the hands of her cruel husband. Arturo is married to “Nina,” played by Marlene Favela, an attractive but frivolous and ambitious woman with whom he has three children, including daughter “Regina,” portrayed by Michelle Renaud.

As fate would have it, Eladio’s son works with Regina — and for the two it was love at first sight.

Pasión y Poder is produced by José Alberto “El Güero” Castro (Rubí; Teresa).