UniMás Adds Two Telenovelas in Primetime

UniMás, younger sibling of eponymous market-leading Spanish-language broadcast network Univision, has added two new telenovelas to its prime-time lineup; each features a story line involving a drug lord and illegal narcotics activity.

Airing at 9 p.m. weeknights is Tiro de Gracia, starring Robinson Diaz in a double role as Vicente Vallejo, a powerful and eccentric drug lord, and as Salvador Chaparro, a humble theater actor. Vallejo is one of the world’s most wanted criminals, and he’s determined to find his doppelganger. When he does, he forces the actor to serve as his double by threatening to kill his family. Chaparro, while masquerading as the drug lord, falls in love with a beautiful young woman seeking to avenge Vallejo’s murder of her sister. 

At 10 p.m. is La Esquina del Diablo, featuring Ana Serradilla, known for her star turn in the telenovela La Viuda Negra. Serradilla portrays Ana García, a young policewoman who whose father was killed in the line of duty. She wants to join a prestigious special forces unit, but her explosive personality stands between her and her goal. Eventually, Ana goes on an undercover mission to capture dangerous drug cartel leader Angel Velasco, played by Christian Tappan.  

UniMás said it expects the gritty story lines in both telenovelas to appeal to young men as well as the traditional telenovela viewers. The shows premiered on UniMás on January 13. Tiro de Gracia is a co-production of Caracol TV and Televisa, while La Esquina del Diablo is a Televisa/RTI production.