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TVOne Plans Block on Civil Rights

TVOne has designed localized video-on-demand promotions designed to teach people about the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

The network has rebranded Black History Month as "Our History Month" and has put together a programming block, available Jan. 28 to Feb. 24, focusing on the struggle for civil rights. It has partnered with the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial project in Washington, D.C., which is dedicated to raising funds for a monument to the civil rights leader on the Mall in Washington. For every VOD viewing of the Build the Dream video, TVOne will make a donation to the memorial fund.

TVOne will provide the four-minute video to operators, along with customized cross-channel spots, programming flyers and broadband clips from the presentation as promotional elements for the campaign.

Other February programming includes a virtual tour of the proposed memorial and MLK: A Dream Deferred.