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TVN Signs Charter VOD Deal

TVN Entertainment Corp. is picking up the pieces from Diva Systems Corp.,
signing a deal for the packaging, transport and delivery of video-on-demand
content to Charter Communications Inc. systems.

TVN said Charter will use TVN's VOD suite of services to automate the
delivery and integration of VOD and subscription-VOD content. That content will
be encoded at TVN's 'Digital Network Operations Center' and transported via its
'Secure Satellite Transmission System.'

Charter will also be using TVN's 'Automated Digital On-Line Network
Interactive Scheduling System' and its 'Affiliate Remote Interface,' the
company's asset-management system.

'TVN is uniquely positioned to assist us in providing a full range of
on-demand programming to our customers, allowing us to customize content on
individual servers to better match system demographics and customer interests,'
Charter vice president of programming and pay-per-view Patty McCaskill said in a
prepared statement.