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TV One's Evans: Obama Got Game

BET CEO Debra Lee wasn’t the only cable executive to hold court with President-elect Barack Obama on Election Day.

The Wire noted last week that Lee exchanged pleasantries with Obama in Grant Park in Chicago after his historic win.

Well, TV One Chicago director of ad sales Walter Evans shot hoops with the former Illinois senator on the afternoon of Nov. 4.

Lee plays regularly in a league with the president elect’s friend and campaign treasurer, Marty Nesbitt, and was invited to play with Obama prior to the election. As The Los Angeles Times recently observed, Obama has a ritual that began during January’s Iowa caucuses of playing pickup basketball games on the day of a big election event, to relieve stress.

Evans reports the country’s 44th president “is a pretty good player” with “a mean crossover.”

Check out a photo of Obama, Evans, Nesbitt and the other Election Day ballers on page 4 of the Nov. 24 issues of Multichannel News.  In the picture, Obama is kneeling in the center of the front row; Evans is in the back row with a bright blue shirt and shaved head, slightly left of Obama; and Nesbitt is in the front row, two people right of Obama.