Trio Introduces Talk Show, Special

Trio will premiere three episodes of original series Face Time, as well as special Perfect Pitch, Sunday, Dec. 1.

Face Time is a one-on-one talk show hosted by novelist and public-radio host Kurt Andersen.

Trio will air three episodes Dec. 1, and the guests will be CBS president and CEO Les Moonves, actress Bonnie Hunt (ABC's Life with Bonnie) and Darren Star, creator of Home Box Office's Sex and the City.

Perfect Pitch features writers, producers and executives giving advice on the best ways to sell program ideas to network executives.

Among those sharing their ideas are Bruce Paltrow (St. Elsewhere), Sherwood Schwartz (Gilligan's Island), Tony Krantz (Felicity, 24), Ian Sander (I'll Fly Away), Bruce Kirschbaum (Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond) and John Wells (ER).