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Trio Focuses on Censorship

Trio will air several controversial films unedited and commercial-free during
the month of June as part of its salute to the issue of censorship in the

The fine-arts network will telecast The Last Temptation of Christ
(June 5), Last Tango in Paris (June 6), Lolita (June 7) and The
People vs. Larry Flint
(June 10) in their entirety without commercials,
network officials said.

Each movie carried 'R' ratings as theatrical releases except Last
, which was rated 'NC-17.'

Trio will also schedule several documentaries throughout the month, including
Art & Outrage, which explores controversy in the media, hosted by
actress Sandra Bernhard (June 5); TV's Most Censored Moments (June 12);
and The History of Pornography, a six-part series that charts the changes
in sexual imagery over thousands of years (June 18).

'A month-long look at censorship in the media gives our viewers a way of
approaching pop culture and the TV and film they're watching right now,'
recently named Trio president Lauren Zalaznick said in a prepared