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Tr3s Takes Stage With Music Show

In an effort to go back to its music roots, Tr3s: MTV,
Musica y Mas this weekend premiered Studio
, a weekly music-variety show featuring top talent performing in front
of a small studio audience and answering questions from fans and famous people

For the premiere episode on Feb. 12, MTV featured Ricky
Martin, who performed songs from his new album Musica + Alma + Sexo and fielded viewer questions.

"We wanted to do more music shows and do away with the idea
that music doesn't get good ratings," Tr3s senior vice president of content and
creative Charlie Singer said. "The media landscape has changed a great deal and
I wanted to go back to the popular music-variety shows from the '70s. We told
Ricky [Martin] about the idea and he loved it."

Studio Tr3s is
shot in a smal Miami studio. Ricky's show featured his own band but also guest
musicians, including Wisin & Yandel and Natalia Jimenez. The premiere
episode included product integrations from Toyota and T-Mobile, though more
sponsors are expected to come in, as Singer says the show is "pretty easy to

T-Mobile is sponsoring the Q&A from viewers, prompting
them to send questions to Martin via there 4G phones. Toyota is widely seen
throughout the show as sponsor of the Toyota Music Stage.

Singer said Studio Tr3s
will air in Latin America depending on the artist featured in the episode. For
instance, the Ricky Martin epsiode will air on MTV Spain and MTV Latin America.