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Toon Disney to Premiere 8 New Shows

Toon Disney announced Wednesday that it will premiere eight new shows as part
of its new fall schedule.

The network, currently in more than 32 million homes, will premiere two shows
in September that have aired internationally: Toad Patrol, about the
forest adventures of eight toads, and Ultimate Book of Spells, a
fantasy-adventure series.

Also new to the lineup are four series from Walt Disney Television Animation
-- Teamo Supremo, House of Mouse, Lloyd in Space and The
-- as well as acquired animated series Sabrina, the Animated
and Mary-Kate & Ashley in Action.

'We are excited to bring eight new series to Toon Disney, especially the four
popular series from Walt Disney Television Animation,' ABC Kids and Toon Disney
senior vice president and general manager Jonathan Barzilay said in a prepared

'We are especially thrilled to welcome Disney's House of Mouse, a
flagship series that features nearly every classic Disney character,' he