TNN OKs New Documentary Series

Somehow, a certain pop painter would have approved.

TNN: The National Network has green-lit production for a documentary series
examining some of the most memorable people and their stories, even though their
fame or infamy was fleeting.

The network, which aspires to encapsule everything that has to do with pop
culture, has OKed 13 episodes of 15 and Counting. The show will be
developed by Gay Rosenthal Productions, part of the creative team behind VH1's
acclaimed Behind the Music series.

The new skein will bow sometime later this year, with each one-hour show
featuring two separate stories united by a common theme, according to TNN
executive vice president and general manager Diane Robina.

'TNN's 15 and Counting will define TNN's brand; it will be the
network's signature series,' she said in a prepared statement. 'Rarely do you
hear what happened to these people who had, as Andy Warhol said, their 15
minutes of fame, and how all that media attention affected their lives.'

In addition to 15 and Counting, the network is ramping up production
on a number of other original series as it revamps from its former The Nashville
Network roots.

Scheduled to make their debuts this summer are TNN's Small Shots and
TNN's Lifegame.

Meanwhile, the network is also readying TNN's Pop Across America, a
weekly series hosted by comedian Steve Marmel; TNN's Robot Wars, a
gladiator-style series featuring robots instead of humans; and TNN's Ultimate
, a comedic reality series centering on the lengths to which people
will go in order to gain retribution against their friends and