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TNN to Launch New WWF Series

World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc. will roll out yet another
weekly primetime series that will air Saturday nights on TNN: The National

WWF Excess, a two-hour magazine-formatted series, will premiere Aug. 25
and will anchor TNN's Saturday sports and entertainment lineup, representatives
from both companies said.

The series -- which will originate live from WWFE's Stamford, Conn., studios
-- will replace two weekend-morning series, Livewire and
Superstars. Along with highlights from that week's live events and
interviews with WWF personalities, the show will also give viewers an
opportunity to e-mail and call in questions.

'Saturday nights on TNN will become a new destination for viewers looking for
the best in high-adrenaline sports and entertainment,' TNN executive vice
president and general manager Diane Robina said in a prepared statement.

'We're very excited that TNN will have the first World Wrestling
Federation-branded program where viewers can interact with WWF superstars,' she