Texas News Nets Hop On the OmniBus

Time Warner Cable has deployed OmniBus Systems Inc. broadcast-automation systems at its News 9 San Antonio and News 24 Houston local cable news networks.

OmniBus’ automation system is integrated with a Pinnacle Systems Inc. "Vortex" video server, AP's "ENPS" newsroom production system and VertigoXmedia Inc.’s graphics automation to enable broadcast of local news, weather and sports delivered in a flexible "wheel" format.

The OmniBus system serves as the central interface for controlling devices, getting feedback and relaying playout messages, and the "OmniBus Desktop Control" interface gives users the ability to search and browse archived material, create graphics, put production elements for studio events into a script and control a variety of other functions from a single desktop.

Time Warner Cable is already using OmniBus systems at its regional news networks in Raleigh and Charlotte, N.C., and Albany, N.Y.