Telkonet Starts IPTV Trials in ‘Big Apple’

Telkonet Inc. has its sights set on the “Big Apple,” announcing a beta trail of its IPTV service in New York.

The “NuVisions” IPTV service provides TV programming and enables subscribers to surf the Internet, receive on-demand content and access an array of Internet-based functions via their TV sets.

The Germantown, Md.-based company will deliver the TV service, along with Internet and voice connections, via a microwave wireless, point-to-point network connecting several high-rise apartment buildings in the city.

Once fully deployed, NuVisions also plans to add more channels and features, including games and interactive content. Much of the recording and on-demand functions for the IPTV service will be controlled via NuVisions’ network-control center, therefore cutting down on the size of subscribers’ IPTV boxes.

Telkonet is currently in the process of developing a next-generation “iWire” system to deliver a range of multimedia services via a single device in the home. That product should be ready for rollout by the end of the year.

"We are excited to be the first provider of IPTV services in the New York City market, bridging the gap between the television and computer as entertainment, information and communication devices. With this new IPTV offering, the new age of digital convergence is upon us," NuVisions president Frank Matarazzo said.