Telemundo Lands HD Telenovela

One of Brazil’s leading media companies, Grupo Bandeirantes, has granted Telemundo International (TI) distribution rights of Dance, Dance,Dance, Brazil’s first high-definition telenovela. The deal, which was announced Tuesday afternoon at the National Association of Television Program Executives conference in Vegas, gives TI global distribution rights for the program excluding Brazil and certain parts of Asia.

Dance Dance Dance, which has a strong following in Brazil, is the work of Colombian writer Juana Uribe, who has scribed several television stories, and was responsible for programming Yo Soy Betty la Fea in Colombia.

“Telemundo International’s growing success is a clear result of our commitment to a business strategy of producing our own content,” said Don Browne in a statement.

Also at hand to announce the Brazilian deal was TI President Marcos Santana, who is charged with strengthening the network’s international reach. According to Santana, Telemundo’s sales have soared in Asia and Europe exceeding more than 30% over last year with over 35,500 hours of Telemundo’s programs distributed globally.

According to the company, Telemundo had more than 190 programming slots worldwide with programming airing in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Recently Telemundo International closed a deal in France for the adaptation of Telemundo’s dating show 12 Corazones (12 hearts), which is being produced in Paris by NRJ 12 and will air February 2008.