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Telco Rolls IPTV in Texas

Rural telco Consolidated Communications is the latest to jump into the IPTV game, announcing that it has launched its Digital Video Services initially passing 37,000 homes in Conroe and Katy, Texas.

DVS will offer 157 local and premium digital channels, more than 45 audio channels, an array of local programming and 1,000 hours of on-demand movies. Pricing for the service has not been released, but it will be “competitive with local satellite and cable offerings,” according to a press release.

Consolidated also plans to roll out the DVS service in nearby Lufkin, Texas, in 2007.

"DVS subscribers will be able to watch television, surf the Internet and use the telephone simultaneously and receive one bill for all services," said Bob Udell, president of Texas telephone operations. "DVS will strengthen our bundled-service offerings and enhance the relationship with existing customers, as well as attract new customers."

Consolidated runs rural telco services in Texas and Illinois, claiming 239,000 local-access lines and 46,000 digital-subscriber-line customers.