TechTV's AudioFile Elevates U2

The U.S. leg of U2's 'Elevation Tour' concluded June 22. But for those
interested in one last look at the concerts or finding out how Bono and the boys
melded the music that took place on the heart-shaped stage with the accompanying
visual eye candy, tuning in TechTV Monday night will sate some of that

As part of its AudioFile series, TechTV will present 'U2: Wired for
Sound' Monday at 9:30 p.m.

The show was shot by AudioFile's production team, who was given access
to the group and crew during tour stops in Milwaukee and Indianapolis. It
provides a behind-the-scenes look at the technology involved in delivering a
state-of-the-art arena rock show, including lighting, sound, video and

Among other things, the show examines how U2's heart-shaped catwalk impacts
lighting and sound and how video signals are sent to a screen that is 64 feet
wide but only eight feet high. The show also looks at the amplifier setup that
drives The Edge's guitar sounds.

'Going behind the scenes with a high-profile band like U2 is exactly the type
of programming we want to continue to provide to our viewers,' Tech TV senior
vice president of programming and production Greg Drebin said in a prepared

'Some of the U2 tech crew had been with U2 for 15 to 20 years. There's no
better perspective than that of technicians who've seen a shift in concert
technology over the past 20 years.'

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