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TCI Media Regroups Regional Offices

TCI Media Services, the advertising arm of TCI
Communications Inc., has reshuffled its regional management structure to reflect the
MSO's new geographic look.

The company last week said its nine regional offices will
be reconfigured into four groups headed by newly-appointed group vice presidents reporting
to Jerry Machovina, TCIC executive vice president of advertising sales.

TCI spokeswoman Katina Vlahadamis said the changes are the
result of joint ventures TCI has entered into in the last year that have redefined where
the MSO's major clusters are located.

"A lot of our clusters moved west because of these
joint ventures," Vlahadamis said. "And as our geography changes, the way we
organize is changing. This just better serves the business right now."

The new groups will include:

Group West, which will be headquartered in San
Francisco under group vice president Ken Weichert, and will be responsible for California,
Nevada, Oregon, Washington state, Idaho and Montana;

Group South, located in Dallas under Jerry Ferch,
will oversee Texas, Colorado, Utah, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, North and South
Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska;

Group North, operating out of Chicago under Chip
Longfellow, will be entrusted with Illinois, Michigan, northern Indiana, Wisconsin,
Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa and Kansas; and

Group East, headed by Judi Boyett, which from its
headquarters in Nashville, Tenn., will handle Tennessee, Kentucky, southern Indiana,
Maryland, North and South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, western New York, Washington,
D.C., New Jersey, Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

Vlahadamis said only two regional offices will shift
locations, with the mid-Atlantic office moving from Warren, N.J., to Nashville, Tenn., and
the mid-Northern operation relocating from Grand Rapids, Mich., to Chicago.

The five remaining regional vice presidents will continue
to support their regions and their new groups from their existing locations.