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TCI Makes Digital PPV Push

In an attempt to maximize digital pay-per-view performance,
Tele-Communications Inc. is aggressively targeting its top analog PPV buyers with a major
marketing campaign.

Details of the campaign were not complete at press time,
nor was the amount of actual dollars that TCI is spending on marketing. The promotion will
target subscribers who have purchased four to five PPV events over the last 90 days, said
Robyn Remick, director of partnership marketing and PPV for the MSO.

"PPV is better in digital than in analog, but we have
not talked directly to consumers about that," Remick said. "I think that we need
to educate them about the virtues of digital PPV."

While the MSO's most frequent buyers constitute only 3
percent of its overall PPV base, the group accounts for more than 30 percent of the
company's overall PPV revenues, Remick said.

And digital could significantly increase PPV buys for the
group. Remick said the MSO is averaging well over a 100 percent buy-rate for digital-PPV
movies and events among its 1 million digital customers.

"We believe that if we can educate them, [analog PPV
users] will embrace digital; these people have already proven that they will pay for PPV
programming," Remick said. "Our intent is to bring the digital story to all of
our PPV users and to migrate them over to what we think provides more value for the