TBN Cracks Omega Code

IRVING, TEXAS -- Trinity Broadcasting Network, theevangelical broadcaster, said last week The Omega Code, the sleeper hit theatricalproduced by its TBN Films unit, will eventually air on TBN after being shown on eitherpay-TV or pay-per-view outlets.

Omega, a low-budget thriller with apocalyptic overtones,grossed $2.4 million in limited theatrical distribution during its opening weekend (endingOct. 17). That weekend, it had the industry's highest per-screen take -- $7,745, accordingto the producer.

The network helped market the film with on-screen plugs andgot the word out during other evangelical broadcasts and on Web sites, according topublished reports. Despite bad reviews -- the Dayton Daily News panned its "clunkyscript and shoddy execution" -- the film also benefited from extensive coverage ofits The Blair Witch Project-type buzz. MCN