A Blind Eye to Violence?

(RE: “FCC to Further Investigate Janet Jackson Super Bowl Reveal,” Sept. 16): This is simply ridiculous! The FCC is so preoccupied with a brief flash of nudity, but the commission completely turns a blind eye on all of the violence that children are subjected to on a daily basis. For instance, I have no desire whatsoever to watch UFC/martial-arts guys beating each other to a pulp, and I don’t subscribe to the PPV episodes that broadcast this trash. However, I am subjected to the commercials that are played non-stop on all cable/satellite channels to promote such events, which I find as deeply disturbing. This same neglect also applies to all of the violence kids are subjected to during primetime. Go figure.

Rich Hudspeth, Washington, D.C.

Paying More for Out-of-Town News

(RE: “New SHVERA Draft Bill Ties Local-Into-Local Service to Short-Market Fix,” Sept. 16): When is Congress going to wake up and allow viewers to watch stations they want to watch, paying appropriate fees to do so? As a newspaper reader I can subscribe to the Dallas, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles newspapers at will. Why not allow a viewer in Florida to first pay for the Florida stations, and then be able to also pay extra for any other stations he wants in the nation? That is a win-win for everyone. Local stations get the fees, as distant stations get bonus fees. Satellite companies make extra fees. I would love to watch local news from several big cities.

David S. Calef, News Videographer, Spofford, N.H.

Too Expensive to Play With NFL

(RE: “Bornstein: Time Warner Cable 'Notable by Its Exception’ From NFL Network Lineup,” Sept. 14): It’s absurd that the NFL forged an exclusive agreement for “Sunday Ticket” with DirecTV and then complains when operators are resistant to their overpriced ancillary services, which they demand be placed on Basic or Standard. Why are they allowed to be predatory with the live NFL games and predatory with their demand for carriage of Red Zone and NFL Network? Why are they afraid to let TWC sell it on a sports tier if the product is so great? I wouldn’t want my subscription to go up one dime for the NFL channels; I could care less about the programming.”

George T., Marketing