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Tae-Bo Series Slated for PPV

Attempting to capitalize on the in-home exercise
phenomenon, Team Services will distribute a daily pay-per-view show from the popular
Tae-Bo workout series.

The Tae-Bo series, which combines martial arts and aerobic
exercising, would be offered in a daily block -- which could run as long as six hours --
for $19.95 per month, Team Services president Bonnie Werth said.

The Tae-Bo workouts have generated millions of dollars via
the infomercial market, but only six exercise videotapes are currently offered.

The PPV series, however, would provide two new workouts
every week for several different workout levels, Werth said, adding, "Tae-Bo has sold
a half a billion tapes within a year, so we're excited to be able to bring the series to

Werth said DirecTV Inc., TVN Entertainment Corp. and
EchoStar Communications Corp. have already agreed to distribute the series, which is
expected to launch sometime next month.

EchoStar would only say it is in negotiations with Team
Services about Tae-Bo, while DirecTV would not comment on any Tae-Bo deals.

Viewer's Choice had not reached a distribution agreement at
press time, and representatives from the company could not be reached for comment.

Werth said the PPV series would be mentioned as part of the
extensive run of Tae-Bo infomercials throughout the country. "The infomercials, along
with the extensive Tae-Bo database, could drive an incredible amount of business to PPV,
she added.