Symbolic Move at SCTE

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers has approved a
comprehensive series of hybrid fiber-coaxial symbols for the
cable-telecommunications industry in a new standard titled "Graphic Symbols for
Cable Telecommunications Part 1-HFC Symbols."

The standard is a revamp of a document originally created by the National
Cable & Telecommunications Association and the SCTE in 1985 and updated in
1999, "NCTA/SCTE Graphic Symbols for Cable Television."

It goes beyond the cable-TV systems drawings and diagrams in the original
document to include up-to-date pole symbols, powering, optical devices and
underground designations.

"These changes result from great collaboration among many companies, and the
entire industry will benefit," NCTA vice president of science and technology
Bill Check said. "SCTE should be congratulated for its leadership in achieving
this update."