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Suspected Pirate Surrenders

Newark, N.J. -- One of cable's most wanted pirates,
Trey Prevost, is in jail in New Jersey after surrendering to federal authorities.

Prevost did business under a number of names, including
Novaplex Inc. He was prosecuted in California, and he paid a multimillion-dollar
settlement to MediaOne for his activities in Southern California. As a result of that
case, Prevost was placed on probation, and he was under court order to stay out of the
set-top business.

It was during this period when Prevost was swept up in the
FBI's "Operation Cabletrap," the largest piracy case in the nation.

After pleading guilty, he was scheduled for sentencing last
year on the federal charges, but he jumped bail in September and fled to Costa Rica,
according to investigators. He apparently decided to have his attorney negotiate his
surrender when it became clear that the United States would pursue his extradition.

Prevost now faces new charges resulting from his flight --
including money laundering, false reporting and criminal conspiracy -- in addition to the
original "Cabletrap" counts. He is in a Union County (N.J.) federal facility,
pending trial on the new charges.