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Survey: You’re Missing Out Without Cable

Television-industry prognosticators have been all too comfortable recently predicting the inevitable end of the traditional TV industry as it faces the onslaught of new digital-on-demand technology.

But consumers who have cable subscriptions and also stream content via over-the-top services like Netflix still overwhelmingly believe having a cable or other pay TV subscription with access to broadcast networks is valuable to their overall viewing experience, according to a recent survey of 2,000 multiplatform viewers by Horowitz Research.

As seen in the charts at right, OTT-only users believe not having pay TV services leaves them with some distinct disadvantages.

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are credible, if not formidable, competitors to the traditional multichannel cable package. But the traditional TV industry can take a lesson from the recently completed Super Bowl: Just because the outcome might look bleak, the game ain’t over until it’s over.