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SuperCroc to Bite National Geographic

National Geographic Channel and its counterparts around the world will air a
two-hour television special about the discovery of a giant, prehistoric
crocodile species.

The global presentation of SuperCroc will premiere in the United
States Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. and at various times in 133 countries where NGC is

The program announcement was made at a press conference Thursday at National
Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, D.C., where Dr. Paul Sereno,
paleontologist and National Geographic explorer-in-residence, announced that he
had found the fossils of what appears to be a 40-foot, 10-ton,
110-million-year-old crocodile in Niger, Africa.

SuperCroc tracks Sereno as he makes his discovery and joins with National
Geographic reptile expert Dr. Brady Barr, host of the upcoming Crocodile
, on an around-the-world quest to piece together the creature's
lineage through close encounters with modern crocs.

'National Geographic Channel brings television viewers as close as they can
get to real scientists and explorers conducting groundbreaking work around the
world,' NGC U.S. president Laureen Ong said in a prepared statement.

'SuperCroc provides a window onto the fascinating work of two National
Geographic scientists recognized as some of the best in their respective
fields,' she added.