The Summer X Games and Energy Drinks

Featuring sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, inline skating, BMX and Motocross, and with an expectation of high energy and risky moves, it is probably no wonder that the audience for the Summer X Games contains large numbers of energy-drink consumers. But are all energy drinks created equal when it comes to X Games viewing?

As ESPN’s 2014 Summer X Games were wrapping up in Austin on June 8, TiVo Research examined six of the top selling energy-drink brands, to find the distinctions in how each brand viewed last year’s edition. TiVo Research found that even though the caffeine content has leveled out for nearly every brand, there are distinctions in how engaged the purchasers of specific energy drink brands are with the Summer X Games.

Among heavy purchasing households — those homes that make up 75% a brand’s sales — beverage Full Throttle’s purchasers came out on top. The drink’s heavy purchasing households index is 201, meaning those households are twice as likely as the average household to tune in to the Summer X Games. Among loyal purchasers — those households that devote 75% to 100% of their energy-drink purchases to just one brand — Rockstar was, well, a rock star. On average, Rockstar’s loyal households were 96% more likely than the average household to tune into the Summer X Games. Rockstar also boasts the highest calorie count and sugar content among the top brands; perhaps even merely watching extreme sports requires some amping up.