Study: Consumers Picking DSL

A majority of consumers who have the option to choose between
digital-subscriber-line and cable-modem services are choosing DSL, revealed a
new 'Cable Vs. DSL' study from The Strategis Group.

It's a slim majority, however. Strategis said 55 percent of all existing
broadband customers have a choice, and 60 percent of them have selected DSL.

Strategis suggested that DSL's superior marketing muscle has helped to boost
that figure. 'Since more people know about DSL, more people demand it,' analyst
Keith Kennebeck said in a prepared statement.

Despite DSL's lead, cable-modem customers are more satisfied with their
service, noting overall quality, data speed and general connectivity, Strategis
said. More specifically, 48 percent of cable-modem users are 'extremely
satisfied,' versus 43 percent among DSL customers, the study found.

Those numbers then lead to Strategis' findings that DSL's churn rate (15
percent) is about twice as high as cable's (8 percent).

Strategis said it surveyed 1,600 broadband subscribers for the