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Startup Aims to Grow Hispanic OnlineSyndication Business

With recent research showing that
U.S. Hispanics overindex in the use and adoption of tablet computers and
e-readers, content producers and aggregators are turning to short-form video
distribution as a potential source of fresh revenue.

Media entrepreneur David Chitel and
his longtime business partner, actor-comedian John Leguizamo, early last month
launched NGL Media, an entertainment-distribution company that seeks to
produce, aggregate and distribute video content through different media
platforms, including tablets, smartphones, social media, video-on-demand and
Internet-protocol TV.

NGL Media wants to be to Latinos
what is for women or is for comedy fans: A destination
for content that is relevant to an specific audience -- in this case, U.S.

NGL Media will produce, distribute
and aggregate "in-Latino" content on the Web and plans to make money by sharing
revenue with content and distribution partners.

"There is a huge need for
short-form content targeting Latinos, whether it's in English or in Spanish,"
Chitel, who is pitching his digital syndication venture as the most efficient
way to reach the estimated 30 million U.S. Hispanics online, said.

NGL Media has more than 18
different shows available on its website, including episodes of Lugar Heights, El vacilón and Leguizamo's Tales
From a Ghetto Klown
. But that, says Chitel, "is only the tip of the
iceberg," as he hopes to enlist more content in the coming weeks.

Joining the offer and ready for online syndication are small
segments of Tu Nite con Lorenzo Parro,
the late-night show produced for Telemundo by Bordinni Brothers Productions, EO
Integration and Cornelia Street Productions, which first aired on WNJU-TV, the
Telemundo owned-and-operated station in New York.