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SRI: VOD, IPGs Brighten ITV Picture

Statistical Research Inc. released results Tuesday from a new study
indicating that video-on-demand and interactive program guides are the most
popular interactive-television applications.

Indeed, SRI said, 'Nearly three-quarters of consumers still need to be
convinced that ITV is the indispensable enhancement the industry believes it to

SRI's new study, 'How People Use Interactive Television,' found that 72
percent of consumers surveyed were not interested in interacting with TV
programs, whether or not interactive-TV services were already available in their

In contrast, nearly three-fourths of homes with pay-per-view access said they
buy PPV movies, and two-thirds of those with IPGs said they use the guides more
now than when they first got them.

SRI noted, 'PPV customers are willing to pay higher prices for on-demand
capabilities,' but it did not release the percentages.