Spotlight: Mary Fay, CN8: The Comcast Network

As executive producer and host of CN8: The Comcast Network's Money Matters Today in Philadelphia, Mary Fay strives to make an understanding of finance accessible to all. Many shy away from prolix expert financial banter, so Fay's program works to provide the general public with comprehensible money-speak. Recently celebrating its 100th show, Money Matters Today, which airs Monday through Thursday at 8 p.m., is enjoying increasing viewership and an abundance of positive feedback.

"Our whole bent is to talk about money in ways that everyone can understand — a way that doesn't frazzle people," Fay explained. "We want people to feel like they don't need an MBA to understand it."

Fay, an Emmy-award-winning television journalist, also created a show for Fox affiliate WTXF in 1996 called Good Day Philadelphia. She came to CN8 as a business anchor in 2001, and began hosting Money Matters Today a year ago. Fay, whose contract runs through year-end, said the show has put a lot on her plate.

"It's been taking up my time and then some," said Fay.

When not imparting financial advice, Fay swings in the tennis world.

"If TV is my first love, tennis is my second," she said.

She is involved with the United States Tennis Association and the U.S. Open. She also works with the Philadelphia-based Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis Center, part of a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide educational, recreational and social opportunities through tennis to underprivileged children.

"We try to provide kids who can't necessarily afford the top-notch country clubs with an opportunity to be involved with tennis," said Fay.