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Spotlight: Leigh Anne Brodsky, Nickelodeon Consumer Products

With a step up to executive vice president of Nickelodeon Consumer Products, Leigh Anne Brodsky plans to expand on what she accomplished as the unit's senior vice president — where she grew the division from two properties to 12, with more than 15,000 different products.

She'll also be hitting a different demo: Brodsky's added responsibilities include product-development for two adult-targeted networks: Comedy Central (home to South Park) and Spike TV (which features Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon and Stripperella).

"It's not as far a stretch as people think," Brodsky said of her new charges. "We're used to making sure we're consistent with the network."

Even some Nick programs appeal to those demographics: In talking with her own young-adult creative staff, Brodsky came to realize that many college kids were watching SpongeBob SquarePants. Their inside input helped point the creative staff toward some older-skewing items.

"I believe that the product has been doing as well as it has because the demo of our average creative director is the average demo of the fans," said Brodsky.

The unit's structure — under which writers, executives and product creators work collaboratively to ensure a consistent brand message — allows Brodsky's unit to create merchandise that resonates with an audience.

"We're approaching each of the brands via the creative talent within an expertise about [each respective] industry itself," she said.

On tap in the near future: Ren & Stimpy DVD box sets, with both the classic Nick and current Spike versions of the characters. Video games, T-shirts and accessories tied to the upcoming season of South Park are also coming soon, she said.