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Sponsors Set for Shark Week

Discovery Channel has booked five major sponsors for its 14th annual 'Shark
Week'programming stunt, due to run from Aug. 12 through Aug.

Three of the clients are in the automotive category - DaimlerChrysler Corp.'s
Jeep, Mazda Motors and Acura. In addition, and Staples have bought
into this summer's event.

Four new shows will be among the seven specials packaged into what Discovery
will promote this time around as Nigel's Wild, Wild Shark Week. Nigel
Marven, who hosts the network's weekly series Nigel's Wild, Wild World,
will host the 'Shark Week' programs and contribute observations before and after
each show.

The new specials are: Air Jaws: Sharks of South Africa, Paradise
for Predators: Sharks of Palau
, Shark Attack Files III and 10
Deadliest Sharks