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Chicago -- Playboy Entertainment Group Inc. will debut a
"edgier" version of its Spice adult pay-per-view service June 1.

Spice 2 will feature more niche-oriented adult-PPV
programming, with certain days or programming blocks targeted toward specific audiences,
Playboy Networks Worldwide president Jim English said.

While the actual programming will remain within the
traditional adult-PPV-movie standard, the shows and movies will have a more targeted
approach than more mainstream adult-programming fare will.

"The network will feature an edgier approach,"
English said. "The cut will be the same as Playboy [TV] and Spice, but it will
feature movies that are not within the mainstream."

Spice 2 will effectively replace the AdulTVision and Adam
& Eve networks, both of which will go dark in June. Both services were primarily

It's unclear what split operators will receive for
Spice 2. AdulTVision and Adam & Eve offered them around 70 percent.

English said a number of operators have already signed to
distribute Spice 2, but he would not provide specifics.