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The Sound of Music at AOL

Two years after MusicNet ( launched with the backing
of Warner Music, among other record labels, sister company America Online Inc.
has launched the online music-subscription service on its online platform.

AOL subscribers can choose from three different MusicNet offerings: 20
streams and 20 downloads for $3.95 per month; unlimited streaming and
downloading for $8.95 per month; or unlimited streaming and downloading plus
burning of 10 songs each month for $17.95.

"MusicNet on AOL is a great addition to our already popular range of music
programming and products," AOL Entertainment senior vice president and general
manager Kevin Conroy said in a prepared statement, "and it provides another
great reason to upgrade to AOL Broadband."

Separately, AOL Music said it will use Savage Beast Technologies Inc.'s
software for a music-search and recommendation service.

And Sonic Solutions signed a deal with AOL allowing the Internet-service
provider to incorporate Sonic's CD-audio, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM burning

Sonic would provide the CD burning capabilities afforded by the new MusicNet