Sorpresa! Mixes Old-School and New To Promote Latest Program

Spanish-language children's network Sorpresa! May be aggressive about pursuing new platforms such as Internet Protocol TV but it’s latest program offering has a retro feel: a string of old-fashioned live magic shows in Puerto Rico.

Sorpresa! recently purchased 115 episodes of Tienda Magica and 50 episodes of Gana con Emanuel. Both children's shows currently air on broadcast television in Puerto Rico and are owned by Magic Productions. Tienda Magica will air weekdays at 2pm and Gana con Emanuel will air weekends at 10am.

"This is the first kind of live action production we've sponsored. It is something we'll learn from and build on," said Sorpresa! executive VP Christopher Firestone. "We'll probably work to bring him to the east coast and do some sort of [mainland] tour as well."

Sorpresa! is carried on basic by Choice Cable in Puerto Rico and the system is helping promote the tour of 20 magic shows on the island.

Firestone is also promoting the new programs by offering a few free episodes for downloads through Google Video. A number of episodes are also available for purchase through the same service. According to Firestone, the amount of revenue generated is not yet large but it is a strong promotional device and one that provides a wealth of information. "The ability to track things in almost a real-time basis is just amazing" said Firestone.